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Copperhead Sinks Copper on Sale - Clearance - Close-outs - One of a Kind Finds - Found Here!

Copperhead Sinks maintains a large number of sink in stock to accommodate our clients. Occasionally, we choose to reduce stock or eliminate stock in sinks that have not been as popular to make room for new styles. Copper Sink samples that have been added as custom items may be put into our sale category as this is an item that will be custom order only. No matter what the reason for sinks in our sales section, the bottom line is good for your bottom line. Great sinks at great prices can be found in this section of the Copper Sinks Direct website. Hammered copper mirror frames, Pinewood vanities, Copper Oval and Round Bathroom sinks as well as a variety of sizes and shapes of bar and prep sinks are offered at greatly reduced prices. Light switch plate covers have been reduced in this section as well as decorative bowls and hammered copper tiles. You never know what you will find in this great bargain area of Copper Sinks Direct. Keep in mind, since the prices are ridiculously low, all items in this section are considered clearance-all sales final. Copper items do vary, once an item is out of stock, they are no longer considered a "sale" item. Happy Shopping...
MUG14-SM-SALE - Copper Mug with Handle


14oz Copper Mug with Handle

New Product!

OD: 3.5"x 3.5"x 3.5"

On Sale:


SHAL6-PAW - 6 inch Copper Shallow Bowl


Round Copper Bowl

OD: 6"x 6"x 1.5"

On Sale:


SHAL7-INF - 7 inch Copper Shallow Bowl


Round Copper Bowl

OD: 7"x 7"x 1.75"

On Sale:


BO17CRB-CLR - 17 inch Oval Copper Bath Sink with Ribbed Design


17" Wide Oval Ribbed

OD: 17"x 13"x 5"

On Sale:


This item is currently out of stock.

BR15-SALE - 15 inch Handcrafted Artisan Copper Round Half Bath Sink


15" Round

OD: 15"x 15"x 5.5"
5 in stock

On Sale:


BV16-SALE - 16 inch Large Copper Vessel Sink


16" Round Vessel

OD: 16"x 16"x 5"
1 in stock

On Sale:


BOWL-TX - 9.75" Copper Bowl


9.75" Round Bowl

OD: 9.75"x 9.75"x 1.75"
1 in stock

On Sale:


FLV16-SALE - 16 inch Copper Flared Vessel Sink


16" Round Flared Vessel

OD: 16"x 16"x 4.5"
2 in stock

On Sale:


KDI33W1 - 33 inch Hammered Copper Kitchen Sink-Single for Drop-in or Under Mount Installation


Kitchen Single Bowl 33"-RUSH

OD: 33"x 22"x 10"
1 in stock

On Sale:


KDI33W2-5050 - 33 inch Copper Kitchen Double 50/50 Configuration for Drop-in or Under Mount Installation


Kitchen 33" Double 50/50

OD: 33"x 22"x 10", 13.5"x 18"x 10" I.D.
2 in stock

On Sale:


KDI36W2-5050-RUSH - 36 inch Copper Kitchen Sink Double Well 50/50 Configuration for Drop-in or Under Mount Installation


Kitchen 36" Double 50/50

OD: 36"x 22"x 10"
1 in stock

On Sale:


PED19R - 19 inch Spa Foot Soak Copper Bowl-15 inch bottom


19" Spa Foot Soak Round 15" bottom

On Sale!

OD: 19"x 19"x 5.5"
3 in stock

On Sale:


BOWL-FL - Copper Bowl-Fleur De Lis


Round Copper Bowl-Fleur De Lis

OD: 6.5"x 6.5" x1.75"
1 in stock

On Sale:


PV19 - 19 inch Copper Vessel Sink


19" Round Vessel

OD: 19"x 19"x 3"
2 in stock

On Sale:


SP0001-CLR - 16 inch Ceramic Vessel Sink


16" Round Vessel - Ceramic White

OD: 16.5"x 16.5"x 5.5"
1 in stock

On Sale:


RBV16-SN-CLR - 16 inch Medium Sized Round-Satin Nickel-Fleur De Lis-Rolled Edge


16" Round Bar

OD: 16"x 16"x 6"
1 in stock

On Sale:


TW50 - 50 inch Hammered Copper Trough-Prep Sink


50" Wave Trough

OD: 51"x 14"x 2" to 4.5"
1 in stock

On Sale:


TBL-HLF-24 - 24 inch Half Copper Top with Iron Base


24" Copper Top

OD: 24"x 12"x 43" tall
1 in stock

On Sale:


TR28 - 28 inch Copper Wave Trough Sink


Rectangle Wavy 28" Trough

OD: 28"x 12.5"x 2"/4.5"
95 in stock

On Sale:


FHA25W1R-SALE - 25 inch Copper Kitchen Farmhouse Apron Rounded Front


Farmhouse 25" Rounded

OD: 25"x 22"x 10"
1 in stock

On Sale:


FHA22W2-5050-RUSH - 22" double bowl bar farm sink


Farmhouse 22" Sink 50/50

OD: 22"x 18"x 7.5"
1 in stock

On Sale: