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New and Custom Items Customer Photos Kitchen Sinks Bar and Prep Sinks Range Hoods
New and Custom Items Customer Photos Kitchen Sinks Bar and Prep Sinks Range Hoods

Copper Sinks Direct – In distant times, copper was the most magical of metals. Kings and queens were crowned with copper diadems. Wild warriors wore copper bracelets to give them power in battle. And the most rich and favored homes were adorned with beautiful copper artifacts, for decoration, and, extravagantly, for everyday use by the royal families who could command such wealth.

These days, though no longer a symbol of power, copper is still treasured by the discerning for its wonderful qualities. Copper brings something special into the home, something unique, and something close to … magical.

Our coppersmiths, in a tiny town in Mexico, have been working with copper since time immemorial. Every piece which they make for Copperhead Sinks is hand hammered and one of a kind. Copperhead Sinks artisans put their very hearts and souls into their work, and it shows. Whether it’s a delicate two inch square tile or a majestic free standing tub, our copper pieces are each and every one of them authentically hand crafted and made with love and attention.

Copper gives life wherever you use it. Whether you choose the subtle dark tones, the warm chestnutty mid-range, or the breathtaking and glowing living fire color, copper both dignifies and enlivens a room. Use it in your kitchen as a kitchen sink or a copper tile backsplash, your bathroom, your living space as a hammered copper table or copper tile accents in the floor, your bedroom, and your garden – throughout your home. With its combination of boldness and subtlety, you’ll want to use copper to add drama, sophistication and warmth to your whole house.

And copper treads gently on our environment. All Copperhead Sinks copper is made from recycled material, sustainable, lead free and naturally antimicrobial. We like to feel, perhaps a little sentimentally, that our artifacts love to be created anew from old, treasured materials.

Our range of copper choices at Copper Sinks Direct is outstanding. We have copper in every imaginable form, and our custom service means that whatever you need for your home, we can craft it for you. We are copper obsessive’s, we understand it like no other company can, and we love to make your dreams a reality. We like nothing more than to work with designers, decorators and home owners to create beautiful copper objects both practical and occasionally, fanciful.

Whether you are creating your first home, remodeling a beloved old house, or perhaps upgrading your property for sale, our copper sinks, copper tile and other copper products will serve you well. (Realtors tell us that copper fittings are one of the number one selling points for homes these days, especially in kitchens and bathrooms.)

Enjoy looking through our pages, and thinking how these lovely objects would look in your home. Allow yourself to dream, to imagine the possibilities. And with us, those possibilities are so affordable, that you can make them a reality. From the extravagant gesture to the subtle highlight, copper always says that you have a discerning eye.

Choose copper, to reflect every facet of your unique personality, and you will be choosing beautiful objects that you will live alongside with deep pleasure for life.

Customer Copper Sink Photos - If you love the look of copper, but are not sure how copper sinks look in different settings, then please take a look at some of the photos that our customers have shared with us. Our customer photo section is growing as we are requesting photos and comments from our past customers and hoping that our future customer would like to show off their creative designs and used of their copper sinks too. As you can see, our dark patina is the most popular color choice but we have expanded our offerings to include “modeled” copper (a rustic, coloration with blacks and varying colors of brown, “natural fire” (blacks, reds and browns), Shiny Copper, Brass, Satin Nickel and Shiny Nickel. We have also added custom edge details to include our flat edge (for under-mount or top-mount), rolled edge (drop-in, top-mount) or our universal edge (flat edge with a slight roll on the edge). Some of our custom copper creations are shown in our customer photos section too. You can see hammered copper tops with sinks embedded directly into the top for a seamless finish. Custom hammered copper drain boards in copper kitchen sinks, copper bar sinks, custom copper sinks for antique furniture pieces, tabletops and more. Do you have a copper sink installed and wish that we would show your work online? Send us your photos and we would be happy to show off your handy work.

Copper Kitchen Sinks - Mexican Copper is a beautiful and practical medium for your kitchen design. With its antimicrobial properties, a copper kitchen sink provides its own germ killing surface! Our copper farmhouse sinks possess an eye catching apron front which is both stylish and unique. is also proud to present our vast array of under mount or "drop in" kitchen sinks. All of our artisan crafted copper sinks come in various sizes suited for every type of project. If you do not see the size you need, please call 1-866-789-7465 to discuss custom copper sink options. Our copper tiles add the perfect accent to a kitchen backsplash, while our custom range hoods provide the perfect centerpiece in your kitchen. Be sure to take a look at our new line of smooth copper kitchen sinks. All of our copper sinks are Mexican Original copper sinks.

Copper Bar and Prep Sinks - In order to accommodate your needs, Copper Sinks Direct is proud to offer a wide variety of artisan handcrafted copper sink shapes and sizes in our hand hammered traditional bar and prep sinks. Whether you have a designated bar sink area, a coffee bar or a prep sink space in your kitchen island, we are sure to have the look and style you have in mind. High quality, beautiful, and affordable, our Mexican Original copper bar sinks are bound to fulfill your needs. If you do not see the copper sink size or design of your dreams on our website, please call 1-866-789-7465 to discuss custom copper sink order options.

Copper Range Hoods - Infuse copper into your kitchen with these high-quality hand crafted hammered copper range hoods. Choose from one of our copper hood designs or send us a drawing with dimension of a range hood you'd like to have made and we would be happy to quote the job for you. All of our copper range hoods are custom made to order to your specifications. You send us your dimensions and style ideas and we will draw it up for you. Range hood liners are now also available. Email or call for details.

Bath Sinks Vessel Sinks Copper Tubs Copper Furniture Copper Tables
Bath Sinks Vessel Bowls Copper Tubs Copper Furniture Copper Tables

Authentic Hand Crafted Copper Bath Sinks - Hammered copper bathroom and powder bath sinks - At Copper Sinks Direct we strive to offer the widest range of high quality hand crafted Mexican original copper sinks available anywhere. Our Copper bathroom lavatory sink selections have been categorized by size and style for those of you that are looking for a specific type of copper sink. CSD’s bathroom round hammered copper sinks are offered in size by small (12 and 15 inch rounds) and large (17 inch) bowls. Our artisan designer copper bath section offers a unique selection of shapes and sizes including a wall mount copper sink and infused copper countertop. With our high quality copper products and our adherence to plumbing standards, you can feel confident our artisan copper products will fit the needs of your dream bathroom design. As always, Copper Sinks Direct also offers custom copper sink services from shape to design we can make you the exact copper sink for your new construction or bathroom remodel. Buy your Hand Hammered Mexican Copper Sinks Direct sink online today.

Copper Vessel Bowls - Extremely popular, copper vessel sinks are a gorgeous addition to any master, half or powder bathroom. These hand crafted copper vessel sinks are designed to sit above your counter or to be sub mounted partially into your countertop to provide a stunning focal point in your bathroom. Consider a copper vessel sink a beautiful piece of art combined with the function of a sink. Choose from our extensive selection of Mexican Original copper vessel bowl to add an artistic and unique touch to your room! Hand Hammered Copper Vessels are available in a variety of sizes and shapes. Our unmatched variety includes something for everyone for every project. Don't forget the amazing antimicrobial properties of copper, a natural germ killer.

Freestanding Copper Bath Tubs - Copperhead Sinks has expanded their line of freestanding copper bathtubs. Not only do we offer the classic slipper style with or without copper rings, we have added our new half slipper and flat slipper tub with a more straight line cowboy tub feel. Our copper double wall deep soaker tubs in a rectangle or oval shape will fit into the modern, rustic and classic décor with ease. At Copper Sinks Direct, we welcome custom requests for copper sinks and soaking tubs. Copper is green living, our copper products are antimicrobial and made from recycled, reclaimed, lead-free, eco friendly copper, good for the environment and good for you.

Rustic Pine Wood Vanities - From artisan crafted rustic wood vanities on which to display your copper sink, to our exceptionally appealing copper tables and custom counter tops, Copper Sinks Direct has the perfect furniture for you! Vanities and tables can be made to fit the dimensions you require. Please call 1-866-789-7465 for information regarding custom copper clad furniture orders.

Copper Table/Countertops - Copper tabletops and countertops are one of our custom specialties. Hammered or smooth with several different edge detail options available. Call 866-789-7465 to talk with one of our design consultants today. Custom copper counter tops, island tops and bar tops are not only functional, they are a sustainable and practical choice for any kitchen design.

Copper Tile Drains for Copper Copper Accents Spa Bowls Copper Pet Bowls
Copper Tile Drains for Copper Copper Accents Spa Bowls Pet Products

Hammered Copper Tiles - Copperhead Sinks copper accent tiles are the perfect addition to any room. Accent your floors with our 2x2 copper tiles, a wall border out of our 1x1, 2x2, 4x4 or 6x6 copper tiles. Offered in a wide range of designs perfect with any décor, custom copper design work available. All of our copper accent tiles are wrapped on a ceramic tile backer so regular thin-set will get your project started and finished quickly with no additional cost for special adhesives. Sanded and non-sanded grout will work with our copper tiles as well.

Drains for Copper Sinks - At Copper Sinks Direct we offer a drain for every opening. Choose from our popular styles for bath, bar and kitchen. Our dark colors are the perfect complement to your copper sink choice. All plated brass in the most complementary color schemes to match our copper sinks.

Copper Accents, Switch plate covers and hardware - The Copper Sinks Direct workshop in the heart of Mexico not only creates stunning copper sinks we also create items to accent your designs. There are many ways to incorporate copper into your design. Try our copper pendant lighting for an exciting and innovative way to light up your home. Our hand hammered copper frames can accentuate your walls by providing a frame for artwork or a mirror or the family portrait. Our artisan crafted tiles offer a variety of designs you can use to spice up the look or feel of a room, available in a large selection of designs, or design your own. Add our copper outlet covers for the perfect finishing touch to any room. Find the drain or faucet to compliment your new copper sink or peruse through our other accents to find just the right copper accents for your home. Have a custom idea, single piece backsplash, mural or wall art, ceiling tile or cabinet fronts, give us a call at 866-789-SINK and we can discuss the many options that CSD can offer.

Copper Spa Bowls - Hammered Copper Spa Bowls - A relaxing visit to the spa can’t be complete without a pedicure or a foot soaker in a hand crafted copper spa bowl from Copper Pedi Bowl. Creating the perfect elegant spa experience with a copper pedicure bowl will add warmth and charm to salon experience. Our large, lightweight bowls will allow you to offer this copper Zen experience to a size 14 shoe. Want a copper spa bowl that is plumbed for a drain, no problem we have those in stock ready to ship. Need a copper accents or small bowls for manicures, look no farther, if we don’t have the copper product that you need, we can make it for you. So sit back, relax order online direct and save with Copper Sinks Direct.

Copper Pet Bowls - Don’t leave out your favorite furry friend. Pick from one of our assortments of copper food and water bowls or have one custom made with your pet’s name. Food and Water are our most popular sayings on our copper pet bowls. Bowls available for your favorite tea cup pup or your largest pet.

Copper Sink Care Copper Sink Care and Installation
Copper Sink Wax is a natural patina protector. CSD Silicone Sealer is a necessary item for installing the drain (plumbers putty too light and can cause a chemical reation with copper). Silicone also great for sealing edge of sink with countertop. Sink clips are for undermount sink applications only.
Copper Sinks Direct Sale Sale and Discounted Items - Take advantage of our huge savings on overstock and one of a kind sample sinks and tiles. Enjoy the same great quality as all of our original hand crafted Mexican copper sink offerings. All hand hammered by the best artisans in Mexico at unbelievable savings. Also be sure to check out of our sink of the month special. Stock changes frequently and once they are gone, there is no telling if that design will be available at our super sale savings.